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Flor de Flor are a new family of artisan beekeepers in Ayora, Spain.
    We like defining ourselves as a family, because here at home everybody is involved in this sweet job and we are proud of doing things from the beginning to the end.This is the way we understand and care for our hives and your honey.
     We are in the interior of the province of Valencia, bordering Albacete, completely surrundounded by the mountains of Mugrón, Palomera and Caroche: authentic green  lung of Valencia, which was famed for its luxuriance and variety. The climate here is typically mediterranean: hot and dry summers. This weather and the fact that the soil in this area is rich in minerals, promoting the growth of aromatic plants such as: Rosemary,Thyme, Lavender which gives the bees the best nectar.
    Our "History" starts in 2010, when my smallest daughter who was only four years old came from school telling us that she "knew a lot about bees" and about their "wonderful world". She told us about Queens, Flowers, Honey, Wax ... and she did it so passionately that my wife and I thought that it would be a good idea to show her a Real Beehive, to satisfy her curiosity , which was the same that  I felt when I was a child and I used to visit my grandfather's beehives, whose name was Pepe Catalán and became my special reference in this field.
     Not so long after this lesson my daughter met bees for the first time , because she was offered a Beehive by an old friend and later on we bought a few more that soon would give us the pleasure to harvest and savour honey. That image of bringing honey home for the family is now in Flor de Flor what we want to share with you. We offer the "best of the best" that nature can give. The best honey is straight from the hive, without intermediaries, without mixing or heat treatments without microfiltration to retain all its infinite properties. Honey crystallizes in the cold and with time its natural ripenning process. Honey, as with good wine, is the same quality but different is each harvest.
Rosemary, thyme, lavender, heather, orange or forest flowers change the flavour as does rain or drought, cold or heat that determines the nature each season.
Moving the bees obtains the different varieties and types of honey that we provide from different Spanish regions, because we only sell honey from here, honey produced in Spain.
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C/ Cervantes, 107

46620 Ayora (Valencia)

Tel.: (+34) 657 310 885


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